Saveetha Physiotherapy Clinic has been serving the communities for over 25 years. Located in Chennai attached with Saveetha medical college and hospital, we provide quality and professional care to all our patients and take the time to understand your injuries through a comprehensive assessment that will then determine the best possible treatment regime.

Saveetha Physiotherapy Clinic has a team of Health Care professionals who provide an integrated approach in the treatment and prevention of injuries through Our seven specialties(Orthopaedic Physiotherapy ,Neurological Physiotherapy ,Sports and Manual Therapy ,Cardio - Pulmonary Physiotherapy ,Paediatrics Physiotherapy ,Urological and Obstetrics Physiotherapy ,Hand Physiotherapy ) with 18 faculties. We work as a team to bring the benefits of this experience to our In patients and Out patients.

Physiotherapy is the treatment of a wide variety of injuries and conditions using a range of manual techniques, advice, exercise and electrotherapy.  When appropriate, a lot of time is spent teaching the patient self help exercises so that they can manage their own condition.  All the physiotherapists at this practice are experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who treat sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, arthritis, aches, strains and pains.  We are committed to a high level of clinical expertise and patient satisfaction.