Urology and obstetrics is a branch of physiotherapy which deals with antenatal, postnatal, pre and post operative gynaecology conditions. In antenatal physiotherapy aims to identify the musculoskeletal changes and physiological changes during pregnancy related with pregnancy discomforts. The treatment programme is specific and based on goals identified during the initial assessment. These may include strength training, core conditioning, flexibility training, abdominal exercises, balance training, aerobic exercises, postural awareness, massage, pelvic floor exercises, Swiss ball training, taping, manual therapy and electrotherapy modalities and also to prevent postnatal complications.

Physiotherapy in urology aims to treat menopause related symptoms and to maintain pelvic floor health, to prevent incontinence and organ prolapsed. Our urology and obstetrics outpatient department is well furnished with various equipments that can include vaginal cones, pelvic exerciser and pain relieving modalities to assess and treat pelvic floor muscle strength in order to facilitate the pelvic floor rehabilitation.