Cardio vascular & Pulmonary Physiotherapy Department [OPD] provide General Chest Evaluation, Cardiac fitness care, Cardio vascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

Inpatient Cardio Pulmonary Department [IPD] has an essential role in restoring function in patients requiring critical care by using conservative, non invasive approaches. It provides specialized care with the view of ultimately returning individuals suffering from cardiac or respiratory conditions to a healthy and productive life. This department provide comprehensive physical assessments and individualized rehabilitation therapy sessions for patients who are admitted in Casualty & Emergency care unit , MICU., SICU., NICU., PICU., Surgery (male & female) ward, medicine (male & female) ward, It meets the personal requirements of the critical care unit of Saveetha medical college and Hospital which has life support equipments like Advanced Ventilator, Defibrillator, Electrocardiogram monitor, Arterial and Venous Lines, Pulse Oxymeter, Oxygen Transport, Monitoring of Fluids, Electrolyte balance, Suction Apparatus, Nebulizer.etc.,

 The department is running 6 days in a week from Monday to Saturday. Along with its regular OPD it also covers IPD ofSaveetha Medical College  & Hospital (Casualty & Emergency care unit , MICU., SICU., NICU., PICU., Surgery (male & female)ward, Medicine (male & female) ward, The department is attending approximately 10-20 OPD and IPD patients /day.



NAME: Dr.B.Sujatha



EMAIL ID : sujatha.scpt@saveetha.com


  • Working as Assistant Professor at Saveetha College of Physiotherapy , Saveetha Medical College, Thandalam.

  • Previous experience as Assistant professor for 4.9 years(SEP 2009-JUN 2014) In Meenakshi College of Physiotherapy, Virugambakkam, Chennai.

  • COORDINATOR FOR 2 nd YEAR (3 rd sem) BPT- BATCH A & B

Subjects handled:

  • PG Subjects: MPT 2 nd year OBG

  • U.G subjects: PT cardio respiratory for Physiotherapy, Community PT, Environmental Sciences

  • Executive Member in examination cell committee in SCPT

  • Executive Member in Infrastructure and Facility management in Saveetha University

  • Participating in service education programs, Continuous Professional Development programs and workshops within the department.

  • Involvement in research programs of the department

  • Teaching physiotherapy subjects for undergraduates and postgraduates.

  • Been as an Internal Examiner for Undergraduate and Postgraduate examinations for

  • Meenakshi University.

  • Documentation and clinical record maintenance, Correcting log and clinical records of patients maintained by students

  • Organizing and conducting case presentations and journal clubs for undergraduate post graduate students.

  • Designating cases to junior physiotherapists, supervision and teaching them at clinical areas.

  • Representing physiotherapy services at multidisciplinary team meetings to ensure delivery of coordinated multidisciplinary services both at university and hospital level.

  • Organizing and conducting case presentations and journal clubs for post graduate students.

  • Representing physiotherapy services at multidisciplinary team meetings to ensure delivery of coordinated multidisciplinary services to patients.


  • Geriatric Rehabilitation

  • Cardio respiratory Rehab


  • Academic Topper and Gold medal winner in MPT, at Meenakshi university, Chennai

  • Presented post-graduation poster at South India Physiotherapy Conference held on 9th& 10th December 2006 organized by Government College of Physiotherapy- Chennai


  • Publication of manuscript entitled “Effect of Aerobic Exercise training on Hypertensive women exercises published in IJMR (International Journal of Medical and Health Research) Jan 2017, VOL 3,Issue 1



NAME: Dr.K.Rekha

DESIGNATION: Assistant Professor

DEPARTMENT: Cardio-Pulmonary

EMAIL ID: rekha.scpt@saveetha.com


  • Handling subjects for UG – General & Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy for 3rd year BPT and Exercise Therapy 1 – 3rd Semester.

  • Handling subject for PG – MPT 2nd year Uro-Gynecology

  • Co-ordinator for BPT 4th year

  • Member secretary for Women empowerment and Sexual harassment committee

  • Physiotherapy services for ICU, IP and OP patients.


  1. Respiratory disease

  2. pelvic diseases

  • Received for valuable contribution “Towards the Achievement of Guinness World Record at Saveetha University on April 7th 2016


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NAME: Dr.J.Saravankumar


DEPARTMENT: Cardio-Pulmonary

EMAIL ID: saravankumar.scpt@saveetha.com



  • Non communicable diseases

  • secondary research

  • Evidence based practice.

 1. Translation Resource manager for Cochrane Tamil    translation of Plain language summaries.


  • Hariohm K, Prakash V, Saravankumar J. Quantity and quality of randomized controlled trials published by Indian physiotherapists. PerspectClin Res 2015;6:91-7

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